A look at the CTA's million dollar rip-off (and it's not Ventra, either)

March 27, 2013

Here is another blast from Chicago's cinematic past: The Million Dollar Rip Off, a 1976 made-for-television movie about an ex-con who plans a heist $1.5 million from the Chicago Transit Authority.

Comic Freddie Prinze plays the improbably-named Muff Kovak, the aforementioned con and mastermind. He leads an all-girl crew of four 1970s hotties to steal the CTA's loot. And, of course, a detective is on his trail. The movie was filmed in Chicago--but I'm guessing not entirely--and features a fair amount of downtown architecture and lots of scenes of CTA stations and trains rolling about. It's kind of cool to see the city set to a 1970s score.

(As I think of it, $1.5 million split five ways, only means they'd have to re-rob the CTA sometime in 1983--or get jobs--when their cash ran out. But still...)

Does Prinze get away with it? Watch and see. The entire movie, courtesy of Hulu, is above.