The Hot Doug's chronicles

May 2, 2012

Hot Doug's announced today they're finally working on a book, due out next spring. Or rather we're working on this together. No hiding ghostwriters here. Doug's put out the call on their Facebook page seeking "stories, photos, memories, drawings, poems...anything that can go in a book." Surely they'll find a way on an e-book to feature the catchy yet yearning Themes from Hot Doug's and other audio tributes.

Doug's has also been popping up in food news recently because of the upcoming ban on foie gras in California. On July 1 it will become illegal to sell the fatty livers in that state, as it was in Chicago from 2006 to 2008. Despite a number of restaurants openly serving foie gras during the city ban, Hot Doug's was the only one fined.

Yet the duck fat fries, fried in fat from ducks that provide the foie gras livers, were unaffected.

It's a difficult question, that of foie gras, duck fat, and meat in general, for that matter. 
The one thing I hope the most that comes from this book is recognition for Doug Sohn as a great chef, restaurateur, and businessman—a rare triple threat, especially these days.

Hot Doug's may never make it to the so-called World's 50 Best list, but look for it someday as a James Beard Classic—we hope.