There are so many ways for you to participate in the work of the station, from asking questions which influence the issues that are explored by WBEZ to sharing the content that is most relevant and interesting to you with your networks. We invite you to join us in the following ways –

Curious City
Curious City is a news-gathering experiment designed to satisfy your curiosities. You ask your questions about Chicago, the region and the people who live here, vote for your favorites, and together we discover answers. It’s your Curious City.
    * Ask a question
    * Vote on questions

Attend a Community Bureau discussion
Chicago Public Media is committed to covering stories all around the Chicagoland area.  We currently have four offices with dedicated reporters located in communities outside of downtown Chicago to get to the heart of stories affecting the people in these areas.  And in addition to the work of reporters stationed in these Community Bureaus, the station is now producing public programs each month in order to better connect residents of our region to one another.
    * View dates and descriptions for upcoming discussions at

Meet other WBEZ listeners at a variety of events!
From member meet-ups, to live radio show tapings, to panel discussions and conversations with cultural leaders, WBEZ produces all kinds of events.  Bookmark to keep up with new listings, and come on out to join us.

Comment on a story
We want to hear from you!  What did you appreciate in the story? What was missing and needs further reporting or discussion? What concerns were you left with or what did you take away from the story that was meaningful? uses the DISQUS platform to allow for commenting on every reported story, talk programming episode, blog, and event listing.  Look for the “Leave a message…” field at the bottom of each page, and share your thoughts.

Call-In: 312-923-9239
WBEZ now produces four hours of talk programming each weekday – and the phones are open every day for you to ask your questions and add your stories to the conversation. 
    * The Morning Shift – M-F, 8:50-10a
    * Worldview – M-F, 12-1p

Pitch us a Story
You can reach the WBEZ Newsroom at or by calling 312-948-4650.

Upload your photos
WBEZ’s Flickr Pool is the source of illustration for many station stories, in addition to producing a beautiful “Photo of the Day” on the homepage of – all archived at the WBEZ “Photo of the Day” blog. Now boasting well-over 100,000 images, we invite you to share yours.
    * Join the WBEZ Flickr Pool to upload your images

Interview a loved one with StoryCorps
Think of a person whose stories you would like to hear, or someone who might like to ask about yours, like a grandparent, sibling, or friend. Then go online to make a reservation at the new Chicago StoryBooth, housed at the Chicago Cultural Center.
    * See location and hours
    * Make a reservation
    * Read what to expect and visit the great questions page
    * Hear stories of other StoryCorps participants from our weekly series

Be the voice of WBEZ’s Podcasts
Every WBEZ podcast episode starts with a simple, pre-recorded message promoting the station, and we’d like you to voice it. It’s easy: call 855-923-9993 (855-WBEZ-993) and leave a message of yourself reading the script below. Then we’ll work it into our podcasts.

Just substitute in your own name and location:
“This is Joe Smith from Chicago, and this WBEZ podcast is made possible with the support of listeners -- like me! Send WBEZ some love by making a donation online at Thanks!”

Sound Opinions wants to hear from you!
Sound Opinions is your one-stop-shop for smart and engaging music criticism and conversation. Each week, hosts and music critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis talk about pop culture and music industry news, interview artists, review new record releases, and highlight their all-time favorite rock and roll. And, because on Sound Opinions, "Everyone's a critic," listeners are invited to join in the debate:
    * Agree or disagree with Jim and Greg? Want to share a musical memory? Leave a question or comment on anything under the rock 'n' roll sun at 888-859-1800, and we can air it at the end of the show.
    * Submit a question for our "Ask the Critics" segment. What have you always wanted to ask a music expert? Email: with the subject "Ask the Critics" and please include your name and location.
    * Become a patient of the Rock Doctors by submitting this "medical form" to
    * Connect with the show on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and through the show's Flickr photo pool, YouTube channel and SoundCloud collections.

Nominate a Global Activist
Worldview’s Global Activism Series features individuals with Chicago ties who want to make the world a better place.  Listen live on Thursdays or subscribe to the Global Activism podcast to hear the series.
    * Nominate someone for the series
    * Hear past Global Activist profile segments

WBEZ Data Journalism Project Submission
Humans have always simplified complex issues by extrapolating data and visualizing it in whatever way was most efficient given the tools and platforms available from the given time period. Today, data journalism, has a rich history steeped in sociology, the growth of cities and rapidly changing culture. Much of what is new in data journalism is due in large part to the open data movement, which seeks to make data free and available to everyone. Through the efforts of organizations like Open Government Data and local groups like Smart Chicago Collaborative, data produced or commissioned by the government is not only more accessible for journalists, but for the public as well.
    * Share with us what data you are exploring – we’d like to report on it
    * Ask us to consider a set of data for analysis

Share what you hear & read
There are so many ways to share WBEZ content with your friends, family, colleagues and social networks.
    * Email a story by using the button
    * Let your friends know about a story by using the Facebook button
    * Tweet about a story or event with the Twitter button
    * Share audio directly from SoundCloud by clicking the audio file's  button

Need to know something else?
You can always reach us at or by calling 312-948-4600.