Quinn calls lawmakers back to resolve construction projects

June 6, 2011

Kate Dries and The Associated Press

Governor Pat Quinn says he plans to call Illinois legislators back to the capitol for a special session.

The House left Springfield last Tuesday without resolving whether to fund construction projects through summer.

“These men, they have to work. And they don’t want to be told on the 17th on this month that Springfield didn’t work for them,” Quinn said on Monday. “That’s my job, is to tell the legislative leaders and members that they can’t go on a summer vacation, they can’t take time off on a holiday, until they come back to Springfield, in a special session, and get this particular matter resolved promptly.”

Quinn says 52,000 workers would be out of a job if the legislature doesn’t act, and that road projects across the state would have to be shut down by July 1st if a resolution isn’t found.

He says the state would still be on the hook for millions of dollars in upkeep for construction zones. The Illinois Department of Transportation has $16.6 billion in new and emerging projects in the works. Calling these projects crucial to economic recovery, Governor Quinn said it was an important part of his job as governor to act when the General Assembly “isn’t getting it done.”