Daily Rehearsal: hail and theater

May 4, 2012

(Photo by Liz Lauren)
Nathan Lane as Theodore “Hickey” Hickman, the quintessential purveyor and slayer of pipe dreams, in Eugene O’Neill’s 'The Iceman Cometh' directed by Robert Falls at Goodman Theatre.

1. Keegan-Michael Key was interviewed by Claire Zulkey. Interview someone unlikeable Claire, I dare you.

2. Vocalo's The Morning AMp had Salsation Theatre Company, the Latino sketch comedy group, on air this morning. Company founders Juan Carlos Pelayo and Nelson Velazquez apparently talked about their history and the type of work they do, natch.

3. Here's an open letter to Chicago Tribune theater critic Chris Jones that seems to have sparked a lively comment thread.

4. Cats. Bob Bullen cannot stop loving it, but the latest production still gave him pause: "I think it’s time to retire this tour and consider reenergizing this show for future generations. Because, Cats, now and forever, man. Meow."

5. It literally hailed during The Iceman Cometh opening last night. Foreboding? Also, just a reminder: three intermissions, four acts, five hours.

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