Thursday Podcast: Stirring it up with Barbara Lynch

March 4, 2010

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Barbara Lynch loves vegetables. She'll eat pretty much anything from the ground that's been harvested or picked by some local farmer. But she's also a savvy restaurateur and one of the most talented chefs - male or female - in the country. The Boston native has been as prolific as Rich Melman but with the focused culinary zeal of a Paul Kahan.

Her story is remarkable: growing up in the projects in South Boston (Southie), with her seven siblings and a single mother, she has literally worked her ass off, staging in Italy, paying her dues‚ and learning from the masters. She's about to open her 9th restaurant - in Boston of course - and is now touring on her first cookbook, Stir - Mixing It Up In The Italian Tradition. I met Lynch at Lula in Logan Square this week - over a plate of beets and winter greens - to talk about her career, her love of all things Italian and how to make chicken taste good.