This Labor Day, host your own pig roast!

August 30, 2010

Anyone can roast a pig, anywhere (photo: Steve Dolinsky)

Yesterday was my annual "Pig & Pinot (and Pints)" party here at the house. ‚ Just a few hundred folks drinking wine and eating pig, but more importantly, we do it every year in my alley, as my Bucktown abode does not have a yard. ‚ This fact always leads me to preach to the uninitiated that yes, you too can host your very own pig roast - with or without a backyard - as long as you have one crucial tool: the Caja China.

The Miami-based company makes a few different models (I would recommend a model #2), ships them to you in a couple of boxes via UPS, and takes about 20 minutes to assemble without any tools. ‚ Once you score a whole pig from a butcher - or better yet, a farmer - you're on your way. ‚ I have posted all of the relevant information here on my website, so you can still get something going for Labor Day.