Video: When in British Columbia, be sure to shuck and slurp

August 24, 2010

I'm not sure what I was more excited about, the fact that I could have pristine oysters from a number of British Columbia bays everyday of my vacation, or the fact that my nine-year-old son was now also a rabid fan of slurping the mollusks right alongside me. We saw Fanny Bay, Gorge Inlet and Kusshi varieties on just about every menu in BC, and since Gulf oysters are now most likely a questionable commodity for the near future, these BC beauties are not to be missed. Incidentally, I've seen Kusshis on the menu at The Gage in Chicago.

Here's where we had some oysters on our trip:

The Oyster Bar (Victoria)

Spinnakers (Victoria)

C Restaurant (Vancouver)

YEW (Vancouver)