A farm in...Englewood?

June 17, 2010

Did you know that Chicago has over forty Farmer's Markets open from May 1 to October all over the city? I personally swing by the one in Northcenter every week to grab my weekly supply - I think that these markets are incredible. And did you know there was an Urban Farm, growing fresh fruits and vegetables, smack dab in the center of Englewood?‚  Not a Farmer's Market - A FARM. Saturday.‚  June 19.‚  2PM.‚  Growing Home's Wood Street Urban Farm. Join‚ Growing Home's Executive Director Harry Rhodes and Chef Kocoa Scott-Winbush and be introduced to the idea that one can have a fully functional farm in the backlot or backyard!‚  Get a tour of the farm, check out how they make it work and sample some treats prepared on the spot from the ground to your plate.‚  Grab a cold Goose Island Beer and buy some fresh, organic produce before you split! Get tickets here.