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Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new law, drivers caught speeding by Chicago’s red light cameras can face a fine of up to $100.

Feb. 07, 2012

On Monday, Governor Pat Quinn approved a bill that would allow Chicago to use speed cameras in school zones and parks. WBEZ reporters Alex Keefe and Kristen McQueary explain the implications. Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired magazine, compares the Chicago plan to systems that use dynamic speed displays instead of cameras. And, a new report from the Better Government Association finds that Chicago Public Schools employees have collected $265 million for unused sick and vacation days since 2006. The BGA's Bob Reed and a representative from the Chicago Teachers Union debate the report’s findings, and Northwestern University law professor Zev Eigen examines the changing politics of sick days. To join the discussion, call 312.923.9239. Also, WBEZ’s history blogger John Schmidt explains the logic--and illogic--behind why, in Chicago, Roosevelt is a road, Diversey is a parkway and Loomis is a boulevard on one stretch and a street on the rest.