Eight Forty-Eight


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(Courtesy of Changing Gears)
Last year, protesters at a Tea Party rally gathered at Wisconsin's Capitol.

Feb. 08, 2012

Last year in Wisconsin, thousands protested Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to dismantle most union rights for state and local workers. Niala Boodhoo, the Chicago reporter for Changing Gears, examines the effect the law has had on Wisconsin life. Also, in 2011, it took 31 days to fill the 45,000 available slots for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This year, it took only six. Longtime coach Bill Leach charts Chicago's emergence as a city of joggers. The new film Coriolanus by first-time director Ralph Fiennes puts a modern spin on William Shakespeare's play. WBEZ's Allison Cuddy explores film adaptations of The Bard's body of work, and Kevin Gudahl of Chicago Shakes explains what it really means to be a Shakespearean actor. And, WBEZ music blogger and Sound Opinions co-host Jim DeRogatis reviews the Chicago performances of Jeff Mangum, the former frontman of defunct but beloved indie act Neutral Milk Hotel.