Eight Forty-Eight


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(Flickr/Chicago Geek)
Art Chicago has been through several incarnations over more than three decades.

Feb. 09, 2012

WBEZ education reporter Linda Lutton examines a University of Chicago study that says shake-ups of some of Chicago’s worst performing schools are having a positive impact. Then, Art Chicago has been a major international art attraction for more than three decades. After several incarnations over the years, the Merchandise Mart has canceled the latest iteration of the international art fair, Next Art Chicago. Also the guys from the How to do Everything podcast, NPR's Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag, demonstrate how to fake your way through a wine menu and truth squad Super Bowl ads. And to mark Black History Month, WBEZ music buffs Tony Sarabia and Richard Steele unearth more music of the African diaspora.