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There's still no decision as to who's responsible for the upkeep of vacant properties.

Feb. 13, 2012

As Americans spend more of their lives online, companies are finding an increasing number of ways to find out all sorts of things about our spending habits, our likes and our dislikes. The information is being used to determine things like a person’s access to credit, employability and insurance coverage. Kevin Johnson explains how he received a letter from a credit card company saying it lowered his credit limit because of where he shopped. Erin Peterson, head of talent acquisition for Aon Hewitt, says why employers care more and more about candidates’ social media profiles. And Lori Andrews, a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law explains the legal implications. To join the conversation, call 312.923.9239. And, vacant homes have become a hazard to whole neighborhoods. Starting tomorrow, Cook County will hold lenders responsible for maintaining the properties. WBEZ’s Natalie Moore and Chicago magazine’s Dennis Rodkin provide the details.