Eight Forty-Eight


Broadcast from the Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson Foundation Talk Studio, supporting arts and communications outreach

Feb. 17, 2012

Illinois’ Medicaid problem is drowning in red ink. The program that provides state and federal health care coverage for the poor, the elderly and the disabled cannot sustain itself going forward. WBEZ and Chicago News Cooperative reporter Kristen McQueary gives the details and previews Gov. Pat Quinn’s upcoming budget address. And, National Restaurant Week starts today. WBEZ bloggers Louisa Chu and Claire Zulkey delve into what this really means for restaurants, give the lowdown on prix fixe menus and whether they’re worth the hype. The dueling critics and WBEZ bloggers Jonathan Abarbanel and Kelly Kleiman tell Eight Forty-Eight about the growing trend toward short plays and review the Shattered Globe Theatre 2.0 production of Orpheus Descending. Also, chances are, whenever you hear the harmonica, it plays an ancillary role. This weekend, three masters of the mouth organ, Bob Kessler, James Conway and Joe Filisko, bring a ‘harmonica hoedown’ to the Hideout. They stop by to WBEZ’s studios to demonstrate their chops.