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Proposed CPS calendar would cancel the annual school holiday on Casimir Pulaski Day

Mar. 22, 2012

Tony's out for the day, so WBEZ's own Richard Steele is filling in. Here's what's on the agenda for today.

Chicago Public Schools recently proposed a new calendar for the next school year. It gives students 10 additional school days, but also drops two holidays that have cultural and historical importance: Columbus Day and Pulaski Day. Gary Kenzer, executive director of the Polish American Association, tells Richard he opposes the change, even though schools would be encouraged to teach students about the importance of the holidays’ namesakes.  Leslie Fields, Chicago Public Schools director of policy, defends the move. Call 312.923.2939 to join the conversation. Then, ABC News meteorologist Ginger Zee explains Chicago’s unusually high, record-breaking temps and what’s behind spring’s windy weather, which leads to Afternoon Shift director Jason Marck and WBEZ’s Richard Steele “shoot the breeze” and spin their favorite wind-inspired tunes.