Eight Forty-Eight for 03.23.12

March 23, 2012

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A home for sale on Chicago's Southwest side.

Chicago magazine “Deal Estate” columnist Dennis Rodkin has been following 12 areas on the upswing, including places as diverse as Chatham and Edison Park in Chicago, and Elk Grove Village and Olympia Fields in the suburbs. He gives the details and looks at whether the positive trend will spread. Rodkin also examines “house lock,” i.e. the dilemma faced by countless Americans who bought during the boom and are now locked into properties they can no longer afford or which don’t accommodate expanding families.  To join the conversation, call 312.923.9239. And, The tiny but mighty Theo Ubique has taken on the difficult task of staging The Light In The Piazza.  Our Onstage/Backstage bloggers Jonathan Abarbanel and Kelly Kleiman "duel" over the new production. In the April issue of The Atlantic, Jonathan Alter writes about the litany of vexing problems faced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He tells Eight Forty-Eight whether he thinks Rahmbo has what it takes to fix Chicago’s political corruption, declining population and failing schools, among other obstacles. WBEZ’s Jason Marck fills in for Tony Sarabia.