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Marchers gather in Union Square in New York to protest the shooting of Trayvon Martin

Mar. 30, 2012

With another Illinois governor behind bars, the primaries and Trayvon Martin, March turned out to be a tempestuous month, despite the exceedingly pleasant temps. Financial Times correspondent Hal Weitzman, Chicago journalist and blogger Monroe Anderson and WBEZ criminal justice reporter Robert Wildeboer look back at the month in news. Onstage/Backstage blogger Kelly Kleiman and--sitting in for Jonathan Abarbanel--former Reader theater critic Bill Williams duel over Tea and Sympathy, a production at Stage 773. Singer Ugochi Nwagwugwu (oo-GO-chee   NWAH-oh-GOO-goo) and her band talk about their sound and perform songs from their new album Afro Soul Effect.