The 1985 Bears: Celebrating 25 years

December 21, 2010

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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Mike Ditka is carried off the field after the '85 Bears Super Bowl win.

The 1985 Bears hold a special place in the hearts of Chicago sports fans. On the field, they decimated opponents on their way to Super Bowl victory. And off the field, their personalities were as big, or bigger than, their athletic talents. Since this is the 25th anniversary of that great team, "Eight Forty-Eight" thought it would be nice to get some memories from the players and from "Da Coach," Mike Ditka.

They were a team unlike any other: The players were icons; the play--inspired. Twenty-five years later, their remarkable 1985 season lives on as the most celebrated in Chicago history. From the shuffle to the Super Bowl, "Eight Forty-Eight" looks back.

The 1985 Chicago Bears lost only one regular season game. And they capped it all off with a decisive win, not to mention their first Super Bowl.

More than a few diehard fans consider them the greatest NFL team of all time.

The players reunited in November at the Allstate Glory Days Legends of the ’85 Bears Reunion at Chicago’s Arie Crown Theater.