Pro-Mubarak forces crack down on Tahrir Square protestors

February 3, 2011

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(Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
Clashes between anti and pro-government factions in Egypt's central square continue.

Bloody attacks on anti-government demonstrators in Tahrir Square continued for a second day in Cairo. Mubarak forces in plain clothes and with horses and camels cracked down on protestors. Today's guests discuss what's happening and what may come next:

Cherif Bassiouni is President Emeritus of DePaul University’s International Human Rights Institute.
Ahmed Rehab is Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago. He’s participated in the Cairo protests and blogs about his experiences at Mindful of Dreams.
Alia Saleh is a mother of two who lives in central Cairo. She’s been watching events unfold from her window.

Asef Bayat is professor of sociology and Middle East Studies at U of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana.

On Friday 2/4/11 Asef Bayat will participate in a discussion around the edited volume "The People Reloaded: The Green Movement and the Struggle for Iran's Future." Speakers include many folks you hear on Worldview including Ahmad Sadri from Lake Forest College, Kahveh Ehsani and Norma Clair Moruzzi.

The People Reloaded: The Green Movement and the Struggle for Iran's Future
Friday February 4 ~ 7:00 PM
Chicago Temple ~ 77 W. Washington