Global Notes: Remembering Cambodia's lost artists

February 9, 2011

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Ros Sereysothea and Sinn Sisamouth were two of Cambodia's biggest pop stars.

For a brief period before the Khmer Rouge came to power, Cambodia enjoyed an explosion of pop and rock music. Jerome and Radio M and midday host Tony Sarabia remember two of the scene’s biggest stars, Ros Sereysothea and Sinn Sisamouth.


  1. Ros Sereysothea — I Will Starve Myself to Death
  2. Ros Sereysothea — Flowers in the Pond
  3. Ros Sereysothea & Sinn Sisamouth — Mou Pei Na
  4. Sinn Sisamouth — Quando My Love
  5. Dengue Fever — Seeing Hands