The Weekly Guide: What gets Julia Sweeney out of the house

February 11, 2011

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Actress, comedian and 'Saturday Night Live' alum Julia Sweeney brings 'Eight Forty-Eight' the latest 'Weekly Guide.'
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
'Saturday Night Live' alum Julia Sweeney provided picks for 'The Weekly Guide.'
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
Julia Sweeney told host Alison Cuddy that the best way to visit museums is alone.
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
Actress and comedian Julia Sweeney sat down with 'Eight Forty-Eight's' Alison Cuddy for 'The Weekly Guide.'
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
'Eight Forty-Eight' host Alison Cuddy and 'Saturday Night Live' alum Julia Sweeney.

For many years, this week's guest for The Weekly Guide was probably part of your weekend routine. Julia Sweeney was a regular on Saturday Night Live in the '90s. After leaving the show, she hit the theater circuit with performances like her one woman show – God Said Ha!

At the moment she’s less about the stage and more all over the page. Sweeney is working on a book and a screenplay from her home in Wilmette. So what does a self-proclaimed homebody do on the weekends? Host Alison Cuddy found out when she spoke to the multi-faceted Sweeney during the latest installment of The Weekly Guide.


Julia's Picks
The Trinity River Plays at the Goodman Theatre

Waste Land at Music Box Theatre

Adler Planetarium

Spice House in Evanston

Art Institute of Chicago

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