Community reporters weigh in on municipal races

February 17, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel put Ald. Ed Burke's feet to the fire at a WTTW debate Tuesday.

The 2011 municipal election will bring change throughout City Hall -- only six out of 50 aldermen are running unopposed. But with many eyes on the city wide mayoral race who’s paying attention to what’s happening ward by ward? Community reporters are plugged into the issues driving neighborhood voters to the polls.

Ben Meyerson is the editor of Chicago Journal, which covers news in and around the Loop District. Samantha Abernethy is editor of both Center Square Journal and Roscoe Review Journal – which cover Chicago’s near North Side. And Arlene Jones is a columnist for Austin Weekly News – she covers neighborhoods on Chicago’s west side. Eight Forty-Eight turned to them to find out what different voters want from their aldermen.

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