Month in Review: Chicago elects a new mayor

February 28, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Getty/John Gress)
Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is Chicago's first non-Daley mayor in nearly 22 years.

Citizens spent the first half of the month digging out  and Politicians spent the last half digging in. No doubt about it, everywhere in Chicago this February, someone was shoveling something. A historic election topped a month where Chicago not just generated a lot of news but generated a lot of national attention as well.

WBEZ's Jason Marck fills in for a vacationing Alison Cuddy to get behind the headlines. Eight Forty-Eight invited a panel of esteemed journalists to talk about the news of the month of February 2011: Kyra Kyles is a columnist for the RedEye, Lester Munson writes for ESPN and Ethan Michaeli is the executive director of We The People Media and founder of Residents’ Journal.

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