Chicagoan gives firsthand account of fighting on the frontlines in Benghazi

March 17, 2011

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(WBEZ/Joe Linstroth)
Chicagoan Sanad Abdalla just returned from the frontlines in Benghazi and says he plans to return again soon.

Earlier today, Qaddafi’s forces continued their attacks on the rebel held city of Benghazi, which has a population of one million. According to news reports the bombings have targeted the Benghazi airport and other strategic locations. The Red Cross has said it is pulling out of Benghazi because of the deteriorating security situation on the ground.

The gains by Qaddafi's troops have pressed the international community to consider action. Last Saturday, the Arab League, in an extraordinary gesture, recommended Security Council action against one of its own members.  The Obama administration says it will support a U.N. Security Council resolution that would authorize a wide range of possible military strikes against Qaddafi's forces as well as a no-fly zone. Sanad Abdalla lives in Chicago but is originally from Tobruk, Libya. He’s just returned from Benghazi, where he joined his father in helping to provide logistical support and aid to opposition forces there. He shares what it was like to be on the ground there.