The life and legacy of business tycoon James Tyree

March 18, 2011

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(Getty/Barry Brecheisen)
James Tyree passed away March 16, at the age of 53.

Since his death March 16 at the age of 53, there’s been an outpouring of grief and praise for the late Chicago businessman James Tyree. Even President Barack Obama called Tyree a quintessential Chicagoan.

Tyree grew up in Beverly on Chicago's South Side. He worked a variety of jobs, from caddy to stereo salesman. Scholarships and grants paid for his education – first at the City Colleges of Chicago and then at Illinois State University. After graduating in 1980 Tyree joined Chicago firm Mesirow Financial. Ten years later he was President and by 1992 he was CEO of the company.

A few years ago, Tyree assembled a group of investors to take over The Sun-Times Media Group and lead the company out of bankruptcy.


Eight Forty-Eight's business contributor David Greising spoke to host Alison Cuddy about the life and legacy of James Tyree.