DJ Series: DJ Jesse de la Pena gets into the public radio game

March 26, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

(Photo courtesy of Jesse de la Pena)
DJ Jesse de la Pena is the new music curator at 89.5 FM.

Jesse De La Pena has been a fixture on Chicago’s DJ scene since the '80s. And now, he's a fixture about WBEZ. He’s the new Music Curator at WBEZ's sister station, 89.5 FM. He boasts nearly a quarter-century of mad music skills, in-depth knowledge of the Chicago music scene and a broad musical palette.

He joined Eight Forty-Eight to spin live during the show as part of the DJ Series: A Spinning Season, and to discuss his role and what the music fans of the region have coming their way on 89.5 and