CeaseFire's Ameena Matthews works with youth to 'interrupt' violence

March 28, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Photo courtesy of Kartemquin Films)
Ameena Matthews is featured in the documentary 'The Interrupters', which follows her work with the group Ceasefire.

Violence is an issue across many of the city’s wards. But some neighborhoods need more help than others. Groups like CeaseFire seek to provide that help. The anti-violence initiative tries to stop potentially violent situations from starting. Their main tactic is to put so-called violence interrupters in the middle of the dispute.

Ameena Matthews is an interrupter with CeaseFire. She’s featured in the new documentary The Interrupters, by Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz.

Matthews grew up in different parts of the South Side, including Englewood. She spoke to Eight Forty-Eight host Alison Cuddy, and started by discussing some of her favorite spots in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, Eight Forty Eight's Alison Cuddy continues the conversation with Matthews, and learns more about what her day to day life is like as a violence interrupter.

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