Musician Bill Callahan unleashes his ‘Apocalypse’

April 5, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Photo courtesty of Drag City Records/Chris Taylor)
In 'Apocalypse', Bill Callahan captures his observations of America.

Whether it’s under his band’s moniker Smog or the name on his driver’s license, Bill Callahan has been pouring out songs since 1990. For most of that time, the one-time Chicagoan has been putting out releases on local imprint, Drag City Records.

His latest album Apocalypse is about revelation and reflection – rather than the end of days that the name suggests. It also captures Callahan’s observations of America, a country in constant transition.

He recently joined Eight Fort-Eight from the studios of KUT in Austin, Texas. He began with a performance of “Drover,” the first song off of Apocalypse.

Callahan will make his way to Chicago on July 3 for a show at Lincoln Hall.

Listen to Bill Callahan's performance of "Riding for the Feeling."  The song appears on Apocalypse.

Bill Callahan talks about, and performs, "Baby's Breath."  The song appears on Apocalypse.