"The Taliban Shuffle" chronicles ups and downs of reporter's experience in Afghanistan and Pakistan

April 12, 2011

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(Farouq Samim)
The scene of Kim Barker's (right) meeting with Afghan warlord Pacha Khan Zadran opens Barker's new book.

As the Chicago Tribune's South Asia bureau chief from 2004 to 2009,  Kim Barker witnessed Afghanistan go from Bush’s “Forgotten War” to Obama’s “Good War.” Barker details the transitions in her book The Taliban Shuffle: Strange days in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The memoir offers a candid glimpse into the fun-loving and dangerous ex-pat lifestyle in Kabul. Barker and her Afghan translator and "fixer", Farouq Samim, join us to talk about their intense, and at times, absurdist experiences reporting in Afghanistan and Pakistan.