DJ Series: DJ Heather thinks locally, spins globally

April 15, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(WBEZ/Joe DeCeault)
DJ Heather will be performing at Metro on Friday, April 15.
(WBEZ/Joe DeCeault)
(WBEZ/Joe DeCeault)
DJ Heather and host Alison Cuddy.

Heather Robinson learned the fundamentals of DJing on Saturday nights at a bar in Chicago’s Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood. But DJ Heather has gone on to earn international recognition and respect – for her turntable skills and for her production work.

On Friday, April 15 she’ll do a show at Metro in honor of her former employer, Wax Trax! Records. She joined Eight Forty-Eight to perform as part of the DJ Series: A Spinning Season.