Chicago is hardly a second city when it comes to the NBA

April 27, 2011

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Chicago's connections to the NBA extend beyond the United Center.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ come from behind playoff run came to an end on Tuesday. The team lost to the Vancouver Canucks in overtime. But the Bulls managed to lock up the first round of the playoffs, beating the Indiana Pacers 116-89 at the United Center.

The United Center isn’t the only place with Chicago connections in the NBA: Most likely MVP Derrick Rose isn’t the only hometown player on the hardwood. When it comes to pro basketball presence, Chicago isn't a second city. Whether it’s Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett in Boston or Dwyane Wade in South Beach, Chicago is all around the league.

One person who’s been courtside for nearly 30 years is longtime Chicago sports journalist Sam Smith. The official blogger for spoke to Eight Forty-Eight about Chicago's presence in the NBA.

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