Global Notes: Syrian composer rediscovers world’s oldest notated music

April 27, 2011

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(Courtesy of Malek Jandali)
Pianist Malek Jandali's new album is entitled 'Echoes from Ugarit.'

For his most recent album Echoes from Ugarit, pianist and composer Malek Jandali put a modern spin on the world’s oldest known notated music. The compositions date back to the Bronze Age city of Ugarit along Syria's Mediterranean coast and feature harmonies, rare in traditional Middle Eastern music. Jandali tells Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia about his ancient inspirations and the recent events in Syria that gave birth to the new song "My Homeland."

And, we play listeners' favorite Chernobyl-inspired tunes.


Track List

1. Arabesque - Malek Jandali

2. Sulaima - Malek Jandali

3. Watani Ana (My Homeland) - Malek Jandali

4. Yafa - Malek Jandali

5. The Temptation of Adam - Josh Ritter

6. Chernobyl - The Blue Hearts


Video for Malek Jandali's "Watani Ana" (My Homeland):