Chicago as a fair trade city

May 5, 2011

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(Getty Images/Chris Jackson)
Chocolate is one product targeted by promoters of fair trade. Above, a farmer in St. Lucia holds up a cocoa pod.

Fair Trade Day in Chicago is on May 6. Chicago has officially become a fair trade city and there’s even a website to track its progress. But what does this mean for the city? We examine the benefits of fair trade and discuss efforts to bring fair wages and just working conditions to local workers.

Joining the discussion are:

Nancy Jones, executive director of Chicago Fair Trade. They work with businesses, faith-based organizations, non-profits, universities and activists to support fair trade through education, advocacy and consumer campaigns.

Elisa Ringholm, development director of Latino Union, an immigrant workers rights organization.

Jose Gallardo, a co-op member of Café Chicago, a fair trade, organic coffee-roasters cooperative.

And come to Daley Plaza at noon to see and hear, Worldview Host, Jerome McDonnell, lead Chicago as it celebrates World Fair Trade Day!


World Fair Trade Day — Celebrate Chicago as a Fair Trade City

Friday, May 6; 9am-6pm