Egyptian filmmakers witnessed and recorded history in Tahrir Square

May 10, 2011

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(Getty Images/John Moore)
Two days after Mubarak resigned, hundreds of volunteers cleaned up Cairo's Tahrir Square.

One aspect of the current Middle East revolutions that has received a lot of attention is the role new media and the arts have played in unifying people and setting the narrative of the so called “Arab Spring.” And Egypt is no exception.

Aymen Mohamed Hussein is executive director for production for Semat Production and Distribution in Cairo, and he’s currently a film intern at Facets Multi-media here in Chicago. Nevine Lofty is a senior producer and training coordinator for Media-Arts for Development, also in Cairo. They join us to discuss new media’s role in Egypt’s revolution and what new freedoms might mean for the arts. Both were in town as a guest of WorldChicago, a not-for-profit dedicated to citizen diplomacy.

A video of "Men Ha'ay":

Men Ha'ay from MADEV on Vimeo.

A video of "A Man's Shadow":