Journalist dissects legacy of Mayor Richard M. Daley

May 10, 2011

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(Getty/John Gress)
Mayor Richard M. Daley was the subject of a 2010 profile in 'The New Yorker' by Evan Osnos.

On Monday, Mayor Richard M. Daley hosted an open house at city hall. It was one last time for residents to praise or grumble about the Mayor’s tenure. After all, citizens have taken issue with items ranging from parking to education to violence.

But for many outsiders, Daley was the quintessential mayor, a model for leaders around the world.

Evan Osnos brought both perspectives in a 2010 profile in The New Yorker. Eight Forty-Eight spoke to him in 2010 about how he was able to land an interview with the sometimes inaccessible Mayor.

Then Eight Forty-Eight headed out into the street, to ask residents what they'll remember about the mayor.