Rubberoom Strikes Back: The reunion of Chicago’s hip-hop powerhouse

May 17, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Photo courtesy of Rubberoom)
Rubberoom will be performing at the Abbey Pub on Sunday, May 22.
(WBEZ/Jason Marck)
Brian Hines, aka Meta-Mo
(WBEZ/Jason Marck)
John Bostic, aka Lumba
(WBEZ/Jason Marck)
Aaron Smith, aka The Isle of Weight of Rubberroom
(WBEZ/Jason Marck)
Kevin Johnson, aka Mr. Echoes of Rubberroom
(WBEZ/Jason Marck)
Rubberroom-Meta Mo, Lumba, Richard Steele, Mr. Echoes, The Isle of Weight

Before there was Kanye, before there was Lupe, before there was Common, there was Rubberoom.

The guys from the Chicago hip-hop crew caused more than a tiny rumble back in the 1990s. Big beats, bold rhymes and an influx of rock and roll riffs were the group’s signature. They were on a serious upward path, but just as they were about to take off, they imploded.

Four of Rubberoom’s original members have reunited, and will put on a show on Sunday at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. And it’s not all old songs, they’ve got some new material waiting to come out as well.

Aaron Smith (The Isle of Weight), Kevin Johnson (Mr. Echoes), Brian Hines (Meta-Mo) and Jon Bostic (Lumba) joined Eight Forty-Eight, and spoke about the group's formation, break-up and eventual reunion.

Rubberoom will also perform at the Soundset Hip-Hop festival in Minnesota on May 29.

Check out Aaron and Kevin's other project, The Opus.