May headlines in review: Mayor Rahm Emanuel arrives and Oprah departs

May 31, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Getty/Frank Polich)
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was sworn into office on May 16.

The summer season may not yet be official, but Memorial Day Weekend had plenty of folks arriving and departing. That was the theme throughout the month of May. Chicago's new Mayor Rahm Emanuel arrived at City Hall and Oprah departed, leaving a huge vacancy in Chicago’s field of media queens. Never mind all the extra comings and goings at the Dirksen Federal Building, with two major trials underway.

To sort out all of the news that was, Eight Forty-Eight was joined by a panel of esteemed journalists who spend their days in and out of the office.

Kristen McQueary is state government reporter for WBEZ and the Chicago News Cooperative, Natalie Moore is WBEZ’s South Side bureau reporter and Ammad Omar is WBEZ's News Desk Editor.

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