U.S. – Pakistani relations: Some Chicagoans caught in the middle

June 1, 2011

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The U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad on May 2 has raised tensions in the U.S.-Pakistani relationship.

The relationship between the United States and Pakistan has always been complicated.  Last month U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden in a raid on his compound in Abbottabad.  The discovery that bin Laden was living in an army town in Pakistan raised questions about whether Pakistan’s military and intelligence leadership hid whereabouts.

The Pakistani parliament reacted to those accusations, issuing a resolution condemning the raid and calling on the government to “revisit its terms of engagement” with the U.S.

Pakistani Americans living here in Chicago often find themselves caught in the middle of both countries’ policies. 

Jawaid Riaz is a Chicago-based columnist for Urdu Times.  Dr. Mujahid Ghazi is also a columnist for the Urdu Times and hosts a radio show.  They join us to discuss Pakistani-U.S. relations.