Danish journalist covering Rana trial once a target of Headley

June 10, 2011

by Odette Yousef

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(Getty Images/Abid Katib)
Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad published in a Danish newspaper infuriated many in the Muslim world.

Local businessman Tahawwur Rana was convicted on terrorism charges on Thursday. Rana was acquitted of the most serious charge of helping plan the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

But he was found guilty of plotting a retaliatory attack on the Jutland Post, the Danish newspaper that sparked worldwide controversy in 2005 for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. The alleged plan was to behead its journalists, and throw their heads out of windows.

Kaare Sorensen has been reporting on the Rana trial for the Jutland Post.

WBEZ’s Odette Yousef interviewed Sorensen at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse this week, the full audio of which is contained in the link atop the page.