The Bike Commuter Challenge prompts a cycling smackdown

June 13, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Flickr/Captain Cinema)
Chicago's Bike to Work Week runs through Friday, June 17.
(WBEZ/Rehman Tungekar)
Worldview host Jerome McDonnell discussed efforts to rally bike commuters at WBEZ.
(WBEZ/Rehman Tungekar)
Sarah Dandelles of the Old Town School of Folk Music talked about efforts to promote biking at the school.
(WBEZ/Carrie Shepherd)
(WBEZ/Carrie Shepherd)

Hordes of competitors have taken to the streets for an annual fight to the finish. Many teams will enter, but only a few can be victorious. It’s time again for the Active Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commuter Challenge. The event is part of Chicago’s Bike to Work Week, which runs through Friday, June 17.

During that time, employers in various categories will compete to see how many workers they can get to bike to work. WBEZ won its division in 2009. But last year the station faced an upset, delivered by the pedal pushers at Old Town School of Folk Music.

Eight Forty-Eight spoke to the two team leaders - from WBEZ and the Old Town School of Folk Music - about what each has got this year. Representing WBEZ: Jerome McDonnell, host of Worldview. Facing off against McDonnell is Sarah Dandelles, program manager at the Old Town School of Folk Music.