Jailed Kurdish children in Turkey struggle with life after prison

June 16, 2011

Produced by World Vision Report

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(Courtesy of the World Vision Report)
Many Kurdish children, accused of supporting the banned Kurdish Workers Party, were jailed under Turkey's anti-terror law.

As autocratic governments throughout the Arab world have come under fire from angry demonstrators, many observers have held up Turkey as a model of a democratic Muslim country. But Turkey’s Kurds -- a fifth of the population that has long faced discrimination -- would likely disagree with such an assessment.

Hundreds of Kurds – including many children --  were jailed under Turkey’s brutal anti-terror law. Amidst international pressure, the law was changed last year, and many of these children have been released. But, as the World Vision Report’s Dorian Jones discovered, these kids often struggle to cope with life after prison.

This story originally aired on the World Vision Report. We got it from the Public Radio Exchange.