Heavy rains put extra pressure on the Deep Tunnel

June 21, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
After heavy rains, storm water and raw sewage can end up in Lake Michigan.

Heavy rains earlier in June forced local officials to dump more than 105 million gallons of storm water and raw sewage into Lake Michigan. The dumping is nothing new. The lake is frequently the outlet of last resort when heavy rains overwhelm Chicago’s sewage system. Officials from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District say things would be worse without the Deep Tunnel, the vast network of large sewers and reservoirs designed to prevent sewer overflows.

But not everyone agrees. Martin Felsen is the Principal of the architecture and design firm Urban Lab. He joined Eight Forty-Eight to share his concerns with the Deep Tunnel project and discuss possible alternatives.

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