Megitza Quartet brews a global blend of folk

July 8, 2011

Produced by Joe DeCeault

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(Photo courtesy of Megitza Quartet)
The Megitza Quartet will play the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival this weekend.

The annual Chicago Folk and Roots Festival takes place this weekend in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood in its 14th year celebrating culture and music from around the world. One of the bands participating in this year’s fest is the Megitza Quartet, an amalgam of folk music from Eastern Europe and the U.S. with a particular focus on traditional Polish highlander folk and Roma music. Eight Forty-Eight's Joe DeCeault recently caught up with a couple of the quartet's members.

WBEZ's Tony Sarabia will bring you an encore of the quartet when they come in for an interview and performence for Radio M, Friday at 9 p.m. on WBEZ.

Music Button: Megitza Quartet, "Mamo Temera," from the release, Boleritza (self-released)