Chicago braces for extreme heat

July 20, 2011

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(Flickr/Mike Innocenzi)
Chicagoans struggle to stay cool in Millenium Park's Crown Fountain.

Over the past couple of weeks, Chicago endured plenty of sweltering days. Many Chicagoans count on air conditioning at work to offer a small reprieve. But what about those who pay their electricity bills by working outside? Eight Forty-Eight asked people who work outside how they beat the heat on the job.

Then Eight Forty-Eight revisited a conversation with Eric Klinenberg, author of Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago, examining the 1995 Chicago heat wave, when tempuratures soared to 106 and left over 700 people dead. The book conducts a "social autopsy," to examine how and why so many died in the city.

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