The 'Dueling Critics' take on 'The Women'

July 29, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eightc

(Circle Theatre/Bob Knuth)
The ladies of 'The Women' are onstage at the Circle Theatre in Oak Park through August 14.

The Dueling Critics take on The Women, by Clare Booth Luce, at Circle Theater in Oak Park.  The show focuses on a socialite seeking revenge on her wayward husband in the 1930s. When the The Women was performed on Broadway in the 1930s, a scandal ensued among the male-dominated world of theater criticism. Booth Luce unveiled society ladies behaving badly--the characters were catty, coniving and even, divorced. Real emotions-–played out in a tony, art deco setting. Seventy-five years years later, art deco remains a compelling style but the Dueling Critics wondered if The Women is still relevant.

The Women, at Circle Theater in Oak Park - through August 14.