'The Day the Wall Went Up’ Part 2: BBC documentary marks 50th anniversary of Berlin Wall

August 22, 2011

Produced by BBC World Service

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(AP/Eddie Worth)
West Berliners watch East Berliners reinforce the Berlin Wall with prefabricated concrete plates to prevent further escapes.

Last Friday, we reflected on important anniversaries of the Cold War -- one of which was the construction of the Berlin Wall. Fifty years ago this month, East and West Germany were cut off from each other. To remember these harrowing days, we presented Part 1 of the BBC series The Day the Wall Went Up.

Today, Worldview presents the global premier of the second and final part of The Day the Wall Went Up. Germans who lived in Berlin when the wall divided their nation share stories of this divisive time, including some courageous attempts to escape communist-run East Germany. The BBC will premier this documentary tomorrow.

"The Day the Wall Went Up" was provided by the BBC World Service. Special thanks to the BBC World Service for allowing Worldview to air it first.