Legislative speed bumps keep Chicago food vendors parked

August 23, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Flickr/Eric Allix Rogers)
Currently, Chicago street vendors are forbidden from any food preparation on the move.

The city of Chicago makes life difficult for those who want to sell food on the move--that's no secret. But one group argued Chicago has among the worst mobile food vending laws in the country - quite a distinction! And it was not just established or wannabe food trucks feeling the pinch; individual street vendors- selling anything from tamales to fruit salad- often found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

To find out more Eight Forty-Eight was joined by Beth Milnikel, director of The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship; she heads the grassroots campaign My Streets! My Eats!, which advocates for reform of the restrictions placed on Chicago's mobile chefs.