Global Notes: Local Iranian-American demonstrates his flamenco chops on ‘Musical Show and Tell'

August 31, 2011

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On this week's Global Notes, we return to our occasional series “Musical Show and Tell,” in which we learn about a global instrument: its history,  sound and influence on music around the world.

Iranian-American Mehran Jalili wrote us earlier this summer and offered to share his expertise of the flamenco guitar. Mehran was on his way to law school when he discovered flamenco. Instead he bought a ticket to Spain and chose to pursue a career in music. Now, Mehran teaches at the Old Town School of Folk Music and, inspired by Iran's Green Movement, recently released an album called Angels of Persepolis. He riffs with Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia about his musical career and plays a few of his songs.

Track List

1. Traditional Flamenco piece in the form of Buleria

2. Moon Desert

3. The Oblong Box

4. Ahriman

Mehran Jalili has several upcoming shows in Chicago. He will play at Uncommon Ground on Saturday, October 8, at Martyr's on Thursday, October 13, and at Northfield Library on November 6. You can follow his performance schedule here.

If you play a global instrument and want to appear on the show and tell us about it, send us an email at Put “Show and Tell” in the subject line, and make sure to include your name, phone number and the instrument you play.