Global Notes: New album is a celebration of Cuba’s Haitian traditions

September 7, 2011

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(Courtesy of the Creole Choir of Cuba)
Haitian culture is a strong force in Cuba, with Haitian Creole as the second-most popular language in the country.

On this week's Global Notes, Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia listen to the surprising sounds of Tande-La, the new album from the Creole Choir of Cuba. The group draws from the musical traditions of Cuba's Haitian community, which has fought to preserve its heritage since the 19th century.

The A Capella outfit is currently on its first tour of the United States. They're in Chicago for the World Music Festival, performing at the Mayne Stage on September 21 and at the Chicago Cultural Center on September 22.


Track List

1. Edem Chanté

2. Tande

3. Fey

4. Dulce Embelezo


Watch Creole Choir of Cuba perform "Tande":