Weekly Guide: Finding outdoor thrills in the Midwest

September 23, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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Keith Beilat from the Chicago Mountaineering Club joined Eight Forty-Eight with his picks for Midwestern outdoor enthusiasts.

There are lots of lovely landscapes in the Prairie State but this part of the Midwest isn't exactly the Rockies. So, for those who love clinging to a rockface by their finger-tips or scaling a new peak – it may seem best to venture elsewhere. But the latest Weekly Guide had a few ideas for nearby heights. Keith Bielat is on the board of the Chicago Mountaineering Club and he joined the show with some outdoorsy picks – ones that might save some a plane ticket out west!

Keith picks included: the Reel Rock film tour; Vertical Endeavours, an indoor climbing center in Warrenville; Devils Lake State Park for outdoor climbing; Starved Rock State Park for winter ice-climbing; and Hike & Seek, a family day out at Bemis Woods South.

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